The Process…for that PERFECT Look!

The Plant
At the completely vertically integrated plant located in Jamnagar, Digjam uses most advanced and cutting-edge production facilities to impart perfection to the hilt. The ultra-modern plant work towards converting greasy wool & polyester tow in to finished fabrics through the processes of scouring and combing, dyeing, spinning, weaving, mending and finishing.

The Machinery
The machineries employed in these processes are state-of-the-art, imported from France, Germany and Switzerland etc.

Quality Control
Stringent quality checks at each stage of Production ensure that only the finest fabric gets to wear the DIGJAM label. This has earned an ISO:9001 Certification for the plant. We are the only & first worsted mill in India to get "Oeko Tex" certification from Germany.

The installed capacity of the Mills is 14,800 spindles for yarn and 98 looms for weaving fabrics besides wool combing capacity of 13.05 lakh kgs. per annum as on March 31, 2016. The plant, spread over 28.5 acres, employs 235 staff members and a dedicated force of 781 skilled/semi-skilled workers on a permanent basis as on March 31, 2016.

Scouring and Combing
This fully air-conditioned department is equipped with latest CA-6 cards. To ensure better quality control on the raw material, Digjam has introduced the latest fully-automatic tow-to-top converter lines to prepare polyester tops.

Dyeing Section
This is another high-tech area in Digiam, where fully automatic microprocessor-controlled HP HT Dyeing machines are in operation. Also in use are radio frequency dryer, Vigoureux printing and Jet dyeing machines. The dyeing plant has a computerized IBM-based system for color matching.

Spinning Process
Worsted spinning is carried out in a fully air-conditioned plant, equipped with preparatory, spinning, air splicing and electronic cleaning machines.

Weaving Machines
A well-laid out weaving shed houses 98 Sulzer - Ruti microprocessor controlled projectile weaving machines. The Sulzers are the world's highest rated weaving equipment, capable of producing the highest quality of fabrics.

The finest Italian, Swiss and Japanese machines finish the fabric to perfection. These machines use a process sequence that is automatically controlled by a punch card system. In this way, perfect uniformity is ensured, thus avoiding lot variations.