Quality Testing…precision at every step!

Quality Assurance
At Digjam, no stone is left unturned when it comes to obtain required quality parameters. Working day and night and researching relentlessly, our team of expert and experienced textile engineers along with world's most talented creative brains, work hard to preserve the most essential value of Digjam – its QUALITY.

Always challenging selves to create something better and exceptional than before, the team blends pursuit for excellence and zeal for perfection to achieve that finest texture, blend & shade. And it has been achieved by paramount quality standards. Observing the highest quality standards of inspection at all stages, using the latest test equipment, these quality parameters are for ensure the near perfect quality and 'integrity' of Digjam fabrics, which go through a number of stringent tests and verifications before it comes to you.

Stages of Verifications in realization of the Product
Stages & ProductsParameter Tested/Inspected
A) Greasy Wool i. Micron
ii. Length Parameter
iii. Strength
B) Polyester  
i) Tow i. Dinier
ii. Strength
ii) Grey Top i. Length Parameter
ii. Neps Counter
iii. Antistat %
iv. Fused Fibre
C) Dyes i. Strength & Tone of 1% Shade
D) Grey Wool Top i. Micron
ii. Length parameter
iii. Neps Count
iv. CV%
v. Oil
vi. Moisture Content %
E) Top Dyeing/Top Printing i. Shade Matching
ii. Fastness (wash, light, dry cleaning, K/D, Heat, Setting, perspiration, water)
F) Yarn Dyeing i. Shade Matching
ii. Fastness (wash, light, dry cleaning, water, Perspiration)
G) Recombed Top i. Shade Matching
ii. Length parameter
iii. Neps Count
iv. Blend Composition (For blended wool top only)
v. Oil %
vi. Moisture Content %
H) Spun Yarn (Single) i. Uster U%
ii. CVM
iii. Thick Places
iv. Thin Places
v. Neps
vi. Count & Count CV%
vii. Classimate
viii. Twist
I) Single / Two Fold Yarn i. Package Inspection
J) Grey loom state fabric i. Fabric faults
ii. Weight / mt.
K) Fabric Dyeing i. Shade matching
ii. Fastness (wash, light, dry cleaning, water, Perspiration)
I) Fabric i. Pilling
ii. Shrinkage (Relaxation)
iii. Steam Stability
iv. Dry Clean stability
v. 100% Inspection (for shade matching & Design checking, grading & to check width Skew and bow)
vi. Ends / 10 cm
vii. Picks / 10 cm
viii. Crease recovery angle
ix. Wt/mtr (in gms.)
x. Fabric Drape (%)
xi. Color fastness (wash, light, dry cleaning, Water, perspiration)
xii. Strength, tear, seam slippage,stretch & growth etc.