Choosing your Wardrobe

Choosing and coordinating a few basic garments could be a very smart career move on your part.

  • Suits should be as year-round as possible. Wool selections are available that can help you meet this goal.
  • Coats should offer classic details in a fine quality fabric. Both full-tailored and all-weather versions are acceptable.
  • Jackets or blazers can be coordinated with more garments in your wardrobe if they are solid in color or have a subdued pattern.
  • Trousers should be in a variety of medium to dark colors.
  • Shirts should include a variety of whites, light shades, and stripes. You could include a fashionable offering or two in chambray or denim, depending upon your personal preference.
  • Uniform of Office Staff for Pvt./ Govt. Institutions
  • Ties of medium width are considered classic and are safely worn with current fashion.
  • Belts should be fashioned from good-quality leather in a subdued color.
  • Shoes can be chosen from lace-up selections (for formal professional wear) or slip-on selections (for casual professional wear).
Business Dress Grid
Garment Formal/Conservative Informal/Less Conservative
Style Business Suite Business separates (combination)
Color Dark Light
Pattern Solid / pinstripe Tweed / subtle plaid
Fabric Firmly woven worsted Loosely woven
Style Dress Button-down
Color White Pastel/light
Pattern Solid/tone-on-tone Pinstripe or small prints
  Foulard*, pin dot, or single stripe Club**, paisley, or small print multi-stripe or knit
  Lace-up in black Slip-on in black or brown

* Small geometric or abstract patterns printed or woven on a solid background.
** Small objects such as golf clubs, horseshoes, etc., embroidered on a solid color background