Dressing Do's
  • Do wear socks that blend with your trousers and shoes.
  • Do wear a watch with leather straps or a (pale) gold or stainless band.
  • Do wear clothes that are the right fit. .
  • Do wear clothes that are well-coordinated. Ask for help at the store's sales counter in coordinating color, style, fabric and pattern.
  • Do wear clothes that are ironed.
  • Do keep a beard/moustache neatly trimmed.

Dressing Don's
  • Don't wear trousers that are too long or too short.
  • Don't wear a tie that is too short or too long (tip of tie should end near the centre of the belt buckle).
  • Don't wear clip-on ties; they are seldom the right length.
  • Don't wear shoes that are not polished nor have run-down heels.
  • Don't wear too many patterns (shirt, tie, and jacket should offer a maximum of two patterns).
  • Don't wear clothes that feel uncomfortable